Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lemon Grass oil - A complete home therapy system

Lemongrass oil also known as cymbopogon flexuosus is extracted from dried lemongrass leaves by using the method of steam distillation. This is the oil of a perennial herb which is very aromatic. It has watery viscosity and is dark yellow to amber in color. The chemical composition of lemon grass oil is nerol, geraniol, myrcene, citronellal, geranyl acetate, neral and traces of limonene as well as citral.

This oil is commonly blended with basil, Cedarwood, coriander, geranium, jasmine, lavender and tea tree oil. The sweet and lemony smell of the lemongrass makes it a favorite for aroma therapists. The unique properties of this aroma oil helps in keeping fleas and insects away from the pets. The lemongrass was anciently also used as a pesticide and a preservative. A lot of Indian and Africans use this herb in their daily food preparations as well.

A vital piece of information is that this oil is not suggested for use by pregnant women and for anyone who has a highly sensitive skin. The uses of this oil are known to all experts. After various researches a number of benefits were listed by botanists of the world.

The first benefit of lemon grass is that it is an analgesic. It is recommended for suppressing any kind of inflammation and pain. It is used at the time of headache, toothache, joint pain and muscle pain. It can cure body pain that has been caused by sudden exercising, sports or even due to an accident.

This oil is used by a number of therapists to cure depression. It is known to uplift spirits, strengthen mental abilities, to boost confidence and self esteem. This herb suppresses anxiety and rejuvenates patients.
The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of lemongrass is advised by doctors to prevent the growth of bacterial infection in the colon, stomach, urinary tract, wounds, respiratory system etc.

 The last but the most commonly known benefit of this Indian perennial herb is its use as an astringent. This property of lemongrass oil helps in stopping excessive blood flow from the body by contracting the blood vessels. It’s this property also helps in promoting contraction of the gums, hair follicles and skin. The use of this oil in aromatherapy improves poor blood circulation.

It is often advised that all essential oils must be taken under proper guidance from a certified professional. Always let your introduction to these oils be in minuscule quantities to avoid any negative side effects.

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