Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The various uses of oils!

Palmarosa refers to sweet smelling grass that is widely grown in wild in the areas that have tropical climate. This grass has founds its origin in India. It is usually grown in groups and can reach the height of nine feet. It has blush white flowers growing from its stems. As the plant grows, its white flowers turn into red. It is picked before the flowers turn into complete red. Then, it is left to get dry until its capillaries burst and start releasing essential oil which is distilled later. It has pale yellow colour and smells just like rose. Palmarosa Oil has gained immense popularity in aromatherapy and is used widely for various purposes.

Over the last few years, this specific oil has found wide usage in aromatherapy as well as essential therapy.  It is known for exceptional skin care properties and used for treating sore and stiff muscles whereas it is also used for refreshing and uplifting the spirits and relaxing the mind. It has sweet flowery smell with a slight rose fragrance and has a pale yellow colour with close to water viscosity.

Some of the prime chemical components of this oil are limonene, geranyl acetate, myrcene, , dipentene, geraniol and linalool. This oil has various therapeutic properties right starting from cytophylactic, febrifuge, antiviral, hydrating, to bactericide and antiseptic. It leaves a calming effect on mind giving you a better and clear picture of things. It is widely used for treating problems related to anxiety and nervousness.
It can do wonders to your body during the process of reuperation from fever whereas it helps digestive system to heal intestinal infections, anorexia nervosa and digestive atonia. It is highly effective in alleviating stiff muscles.

Then comes the usage of Patchoulioil. Since ages, this oil is used for treating skin problems and reducing inflammation, eczema, irritated, chapped and cracked skin. It is one of the main components of anti-aging components because it comprises of properties that help in revitalizing skin cells. In addition to this, it also reduces the scars. Thanks to its antifungal properties that it can help in healing of athlete’s foot.

There are several benefits of this particular oil with almost no side effects at all. However, it is strongly suggested that use this oil only as per the instructions given by expert herbal practitioner. Make sure that you make use of certifies essential oil or high quality oil in order to prevent side effects.

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