Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Skin benefits of using Jasmine Grandifloram and Jojoba Oil

There are no two ways about the fact that, life today, is more stressful than ever before. Often, it happens that you are left with no time to take care of yourself. Consequence, no doubt, can be adverse. Usage of essential oil can pave way for healthy you. Although a bit expensive, Jasmine Grandifloram Oil is much more than a source of exquisite smell. It improves and tones skin elasticity, alleviates birth of child, boosts confidence, helps with problems related to sex and lifts depression and relaxes your mind, body and soul. In addition, it is also great oil for reducing scars and stretch marks.

This particular form of essential oil has rich, exotic and sweet smell.
One of the most commonly found variety is Jasminum grandiflorum. It is also known as jati, Catalonian jasmine, royal jasmine. It is widely used for extracting essential oil from it.

Jasmine can grow up to 33 feet of height that is ten meters. It is a fragile and evergreen climbing shrub having small white coloured flowers of shape flowers and has dark coloured leaves. The aroma of these flowers is extremely intense at night.

It is non-sensitizing, non-toxic and non-irritant. Saying that does not mean that people do not have allergic reaction to this oil. There are many people who are not comfortable making use of this oil. As it comprises of emmenagogue properties, it should not be used by pregnant women.  It should not be used in excess either because of it being having deeply relaxing properties.  Some of the most common therapeutic properties are galactagogue, anti-depressant, expectorant, aphrodisiac, parturient, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, uterine and cicatrisant.

When it comes to essential oil, nothing can beat the benefits that Jojoba Oil has to offer. It is golden coloured liquid wax that is odourless and is extracted from the seeds of jojoba plant. Using it will not be causing allergic reactions. Although there are various health benefits associated with this oil, it is mostly used for the skin and hair care products.

It is a blessing for oily as well as dry skin. Application of this oil regulates the sebum present in human skin as the oil has the ability to control the skin’s greasy texture. It works as a wonder on dry skin.  The right blend of Jojoba Oil along with moisturiser can work wonders for your skin. For chapped and dry lips, it works as a lip balm. 

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  1. So , is it true that pregnant women can't use it? Even if they don't have allergies?