Monday, 13 May 2013

A glance into the world of Moringal and Sandalwood essential oils!

In the present times, it has become extremely essential for you to count on natural products to stay fit and healthy.  Synthetic medicines can prove detrimental. Most of the essential oils are known for the properties that they offer. However, Sandalwood Oil has found great usage in healing various health diseases that are consequential to the present age lifestyle.  The prime reason for the ever increasing popularity of this oil is the properties that it has. It is highly anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, anti phlogistics, emollient and memory booster. Application of this oil can bring in your life ease and stress free environment.

The oil is extracted via the steam distillation process. Tress form which this particular oil is sourced must be more than 40 years of age. The trees that have crossed the mark of 18 years of age are the perfect for extracting oil. The higher the age, the richer the aroma and higher oil content.

If you are looking for the best quality of sandal oil then Indian sandal is the way to go. Indian sandal is also known as Santalum Album. The Australian Sandal and the Hawaiian Sandal are two other most sought-after verities of sandal. However, there is nothing that can beat the popularity of Indian Sandal because of its rareness.

It has been quite a time that sandalwood oil is known for its dignity as well as priority in various religions and cultures spread across the globe. There are a few religions to which sandal are holy and indispensable part of social as well as religious ceremonies.

MoringaOil is also used widely and is one of the most preferred options because of the unique properties that is has. It is given utmost priority in the world of cosmetic industry, particularly because of its anti-aging properties.  Although it is not light, it can be easily spread onto the skin. It has also gained immense popularity in the world of aromatherapy and hence is used for massage.

It has found great usage in a range of products such as hair care products deodorants, bath soaps, anti-aging creams, gels, face creams, massage oil and perfumes. However, it is because of its anti aging properties that this oil has sought the fancy of many people. When used in soap bars and gels, it averts over drying of skin that is a common problem with ordinary cleansers as well as soaps.

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