Friday, 3 May 2013

Unveiling the various benefits of essential oils!

Lemon is no new to all of us. We come across it every day and often fail to notice the benefits that it has to offer. However, not many of us are aware of its magnificent power when used in aromatherapy. It might surprise that in the world of aromatherapy; Lemon Oil has found great usage and is one of the necessary components. It is the outer peel of the lemon that is used for extracting oil. Generally, it is the cold pressing method that is used for the process of distillation. It has slightly green and yellow colour and has fresh fragrance of lemon. It is in Sicily that the best lemon oil is generated.

Fat burning cells and fast stimulus of metabolism are the two prime functions that one can get making use of this oil. There have been studies conducted to prove that this particular oil plays a vital role in triggering left brain and activating the centre of hippocampus.

Thanks to its antiseptic nature that this oil is widely used for killing air borne infections and germs, purifying infected area and air. Doctors and healthcare professionals prescribe usage of the oil for stimulating the formation of white blood cell and strengthening the immune system of body.  It can be used for preventing as well as treating diseases like flu and cold.

This oils works as a natural astringent, and thus have found wide usage in cosmetic products. Therefore, just a drop of oil when used on face two times a day can have a miraculous effect on your skin. It helps in skin cleansing, pore tightening and alleviating wrinkles.

Neroli Oil has also found great usage by people of all walks of life. This particular oil is not extracted but steam distilled.  The oil is originated from the orange tree in parts of Europe and Morocco. There was this Italian prince who used this oil extensively, and hence it got its name from him only. However, in the present times it is known for its various therapeutic properties.

You can make use of this oil whenever you feel depressed.  It not makes you feel relaxed and happy but also uplifts your spirit. You can also get rid of insomnia by adding a couple of drops of this oil to warm bath. It is also used for treating stretch marks and scars. In addition to this, it helps in the smoothening and repairing of broke capillaries and skin rejuvenation. 

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