Thursday, 9 May 2013

Discover the Undiscovered Benefits

There are various benefits of using essential oils. Although there is no dearth of such oils in the market today, choosing the right one becomes important. Rose Geranium Oil is one such essential oil that has caught the fancy of people spread all over the world because of the amazing properties that it has to offer. It is extracted the Pelargonium graveolens plant that belongs to the family of Geraniaceae. It smells just like rose. Rosy and crispy oil stimulates the adrenal cortex and helps in keeping your nervous system balanced. It helps you get rid of anxiety and depression. In addition, it also leaves a regulatory effect on the hormone system.

Application of this oil helps in getting rid of all forms of skin problems such as herpes, wounds, eczema, rashes, bruises, ulcers and acne. In fact, it makes your skin more young and radiant. You can apply a drop of this oil to the affected area. However, if the affected area is large then dilute it with carrier oil. You can also add five to six drops of oil two ounce spray bottle that is filled with water.   Make sure that you eyes are closed if you are using this solution to your face.

It is a great remedy for problems related to women such as missing or heavy periods, swollen breasts, PMS and cramps. In fact, it can help in alleviating fluctuating hormones during menstrual cycle. You can apply this oil to the inner thighs, ankles, breasts and soft upper arms.

Helichrysum Oil is also extremely popular an essential oil. It is not only one of the most sacred but also ancient oils available. it is derived from Mediterranean plant and the highest quality of this plant is found in the Corsican island of Italy, Spain and France although its other varieties might be found in other parts of the world as well. It has strong and fresh fruity smell.

Ancient people were the first to find out about is soothing aroma that when used in body can help alleviate muscles and nerves. Therefore, it turned out to be an important component of aromatherapy. It is through the steam distillation process that this essential oil is extracted. Its aromatic effects make it one of the most sought-after oils. Its fragrance is much similar to that of honey and relaxes your body.  Because it can help in relaxing muscles and nerves, it turned out to be the most preferred anti-spasmodic and nervine.

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