Thursday, 7 February 2013

Interesting Facts!

Essential oils play a vital role in our life. With the growing popularity of essential oils, it is equally important for you to know about different types of oils so that you can buy the best one as per your need. Geranium is an interesting plant that can be grown anywhere without much of efforts. However, it was originated in Africa and was not introduced to Europe until 1690. However, there are only a few species that are used for producing Geranium Oil like lemon plant that has a lemony fragrance. This oil is distilled from the leaves, flowers and stalks of geraniums plant. It is a yellow green coloured flower that tastes bitter.

Albeit the fact that essential oil extracted from Geranium is specifically stimulating and refreshing oil, it also carries sedatives properties. This oil is widely used for the treatment of depression and nervous tension. However no matter what, this oil cannot be compared with oils that are known for having sleeping properties. As a matter of fact, this oil comprises of stimulating properties and should never be used late at night.

Going by what history has to suggest, this oil has various healing properties when it comes to life threatening ailments such as cancer. It was also used for mending broken bones. However in the present times, it is used for curing problems such as excessive fluid retention, breast and uterine cancers, menstrual tension and conditions arising because of fluctuating hormone levels. It is because of its sedative properties that an individual can get rid of any discomfort and pain.

Lemon oil is also a very popular essential that has various interesting facts. It is extracted from the common lemon tree. Lemon tree first originated in Asia and has found cite in the history that dates back to 200 AD. It came to lime light when it was found in Europe that it can be used for curing scurvy that was one of the most threatening diseases at that time. Besides, it was also used for treating skin problems, infections, skin care treatments and digestive disorders.
Extract of this fruit along with fruit itself is used in treatment of various ailments pertaining to antiseptic properties such as bronchitis, flu, cold and asthma. As this oil carries anti-septic properties and anti-bacterial, it has widely found usage in private nursing homes, homes where babies crawl on the floor and laboratories, to name a few.

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