Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Numerous Health Benefits!

Have you ever heard about Lemongrass? If not then you might not have heard about the benefits that you can get from this. It has various tremendous benefits to offer. Over the last few years, Lemongrass oil has caught the fancy of people all over the world.  Read on to find out a few benefits that you can get using this wondrous essential oil. Application of this oil can help you stay fit and stress free.

It is widely used for treating several respiratory infections such as sore throats, fever and laryngitis. In addition to this, it will also prevent the spread of health ailment.  The invigorating and tangy fragrance of lemongrass uplifts your mood alleviating stress of day to day life.  In fact, application of this oil relieves symptoms like jetlag, nervous exhaustion, stress and headache. It has been used for the treatment of diseases such as colitis, gastroenteritis and indigestion.  Going by what doctors and aroma therapists have to suggest, Lemongrass Oil works as a tonic for your body boosting parasympathetic nervous system.  It becomes vital especially when a person is recuperating from a sickness.

When taken along with pepper, Lemongrass alleviates the problems related to menstrual and nausea. It makes for an effective diuretic when consumed in the form of tea. It helps you get rid of acne by clearing oily skin.

Yet another essential oil that has gained immense popularity amongst people is EucalyptusOil. It has several health benefits that are attributed to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, stimulating, antispasmodic and deodorant amongst several other medicinal properties. This oil has no colour and has a unique odour and taste.

This type of oil is extracted from fresh leaves of the eucalyptus tree. The botanical name of Eucalyptus oil is Eucalyptus Globulus and is popularly known as stringy bark tree, fever tree and blue gum tree. It was originally found in Australia. However, in the last few centuries or so, it was grown in other parts of the globe including South Africa, India and Europe.  No doubt that majority of countries, today, are manufacturing this oil however Australia continue to lead the league.

Eucalyptus oil has several health benefits because of its medicinal properties. It is because of the compound that is found in it, Eucalyptus is used in a wide range of over-the-counter-drugs that comprise of mouthwashes, liniments, rash creams and inhalers.  So, wait not get this oil right away.

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