Monday, 21 January 2013

Wonders of Essential oils

When it comes to cooking, there are so many things that a person takes into consideration. There is no dearth of herbs available in the market that you can include in your preparation and enhance its aroma. Market, today, is flooded with variety of essential oils that add unique aroma to your dishes as well as tea. However, their benefits are not only limited to the kitchen, they have more to them. These essential oils can be a blessing for your life. Have you ever heard about Lemongrass Oil? Are you aware of what all it can do for you? This miraculous essential oil works in a variety of ways.

This oil is extracted from an elevated and grassy plant that is frequently used in landscaping in the form of oriental grass. Because of its medicinal properties, it has found wide usage in conventional cultures of Philippines, India and Malaysia. It is also found in climate of other warm nations. It is used as a decorative element and is also used as bug repellent in various gardens as well as homes. It smells like citrus. Cymbopogon comes in more than 55 species; however it is citratus from which extraction of lemongrass oil takes place. The oil is derived by the process of steam distillation that leads to amber colour that leaves trail of sweet aroma. It is being used for various health benefits.

In the present times of tough competition, most of the people work day and night to make their ends meet and live a luxury life. However, in this race to earn max what leaves behind is the healthy lifestyle. Eucalyptus oil can help you live a healthy and stress free life lifestyle. It is used to help you alleviate fever that is caused by infectious disease. Usage of this oil help you reduce phlegm and improve the functioning of lung. Therefore, it helps you relieve symptoms that are associated sinus, common cold and flu.

This oil is also used for massage purpose as well so that you can get rid of stress as well as pain. Usage of this oil would help relieve tense muscles and stiffness. It is also used in various other severe conditions such as sprained ligaments and nerve pain. When you apply this oil on the affected area, you will be getting instantaneous relied from pain. So, application of essential oils can be of great use.

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