Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A few interesting facts

Armoise, commonly known as Mugwort, is a sweet-smelling perpetual herb that has stems of red-purple colour. It has deeply cut leaves of dark green colour with white undersides. Panicles of small red-brown flowers are widely grown in summer. Angular stems of this tall growing plant are of purple colour and grow up to height of 3 feet. Armoise oil is extracted through the process of distillation of Artemisia herb.  The process is mostly conducted in South America, northern temperate regions and South Africa. This oil is commonly used for treating ailments like intestinal conditions as diabetes and topical antiseptics. You can easily benefit a lot from this oil.
It has several uses of which a few are mentioned below:

  • Usage of this oil revitalizes your digestive system
  • It is extremely effective when it comes to the elimination of intestinal worms
  • It is also known for its insomnia and anaesthetic properties
  • It works pretty well as anaesthetic for arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatism
Armoise oil can be blended well with essential oils such as Cedarwood, lavender, Clary sage, rosemary, patchouli, pine, oak mass and sage. When mixed with old salad oil, it can help you in getting rid of baldness.
Some of its most common emotional and conventional usages for which it is know are as orexigenic, carminative, emmenagogue, stimulant, Antispasmodic, diuretic, stomachic and diaphoretic to name a few. However, it is suggested that you consider taking advice from doctor before starting using it.
Cananga Oil is yet another kind of essential oil. It is one of those oils that can do wonders to people who use it.  It is extremely beneficial for your skin. When it comes to therapeutic uses, this oil is second to none.  It is known for its fragrance that is widely used for medicinal purposes.

When incorporated in aromatherapy, it helps you get rid of stress and tension.  Going by what studies have to say, this oil can do wonders to your skin and hair. Medicinally, it is also used for alleviating stress related conditions such as heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Although it is now found all over the world, this plant was originally found in Polynesia. The leaves of this tree are of deep green colour and leads to green and black dark fruit. You can buy this oil by simply running an online search and get the best deal.

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