Monday, 18 March 2013

Aniseed oil - A wonder essential oil

Essential oils play an important role in the holistic healing procedures. Among the several oils used for the purpose of curing ailments, Aniseed is one of the important oils. This essential oil which is known with the name of Pimpinella anisum is extracted by cold pressing methods from the plant. This plant is originally native to Middle East. Nowadays, it is widely available in all countries like the USA, North Africa and Europe.
Since times immemorial, this essential oil has been used by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Egyptians were known to use it in the preparation of bread and Romans used it in making spicy cakes. This oil is well known for its calming effect on the body. The Greeks have been using it as a medicine to cure digestive tract disorders.

Aniseed oil comprises of several components like safrole, linalool, anisaldehyde, b-pinene acetoanisole and cis-anethole. It is considered as anti hysteric, anti epileptic, anti septic, and anti spasmodic. The oil has a licorice flavour. It blends well with other essential oils like bay oil, Caraway oil, cedar wood, mandarin and Coriander oil.

Aroma therapists often use it for treating symptoms of flu and cold. Aniseed oil is used for relieving whooping cough, severe cold and running nose.

Head lice are effectively treated with the usage of this essential oil. Almond oil is used for diluting this oil and the mixture is massaged into the scalp. Continuous usage for a few days yields good results in getting rid of head lice.

Aniseedoil is used in controlling hiccups. A few drops of this oil should be dabbed onto a cotton ball and the aroma should be inhaled by the person who is affected by hiccups. This oil helps in soothing muscle spasms.

As this oil contains compounds like anethole, it helps in the process of digestion. You can add 4 to 5 drops of the oil into the bath tub for soaking yourselves for a few minutes. Alternatively you can add two drops of this oil onto a tissue paper and place it on the stomach. This method is especially useful for children who resist consuming medicines.

But pregnant woman are restricted from using this oil. It is not advisable to use on sensitive skin as well. All essential oils should be used in minute quantities. High dosages may yield negative results and hence care should be taken not to indulge in big dosages. 

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