Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cajuput oil – Essentially Cool Oil

Nature has bestowed unlimited natural resources for the benefit of mankind. Since ages, man has been trying to reap the bounties of nature for his survival. Essential and aroma oils have become a part of holistic medicine.

Cajuput oil is one of the widely used varieties of essential oils. It is botanically known as Melaleuca Cajupati. The oil is extracted from the white wood tree leaves and twigs through a process of steam distillation. This tree has white beautiful flowers, pointed leaves and a flexible trunk. The tree bark is white in colour.

It has its presence in the Malay Peninsula, Malay Archipelago and parts of Australia. The oil has a yellow tinge and has a camphorous fruit aroma. It comprises of various components like myrcene a-pinene, B-pinene, y-terpinene, p-cymene, a-terpinene, linaolool, terpinen-4 ol, a-terpineol and 8-cineole.

Cajuputoil has anti-fungal and antibiotic, mild analgesic, expectorant and diaphoretic properties. It has to be always used in a diluted form. In Malaysia it is used as an efficient pain killer. For rheumatic and arthritis pains, this oil is mixed with camphor oil and used for rubbing on the joints.

For treating throat infections and cold, it has to be mixed with sugar and used. It promotes sweating and brings down the temperature of the body. Hence, it is useful in treating high fever conditions.
Its analgesic properties cure headaches, earaches and toothache. It is effectively used for treating acne, colic and minor burns. It is also beneficial in treating yeast infections like Candida.

The therapeutic properties of this essential oil are numerous. It is for this reason; it has been used in massage oils and tonic formulations. It is also used as an insecticide. A tinge of this oil is used in the manufacturing of soaps and fragrances. Pharmaceutically it is used as an antiseptic and it finds a place in dentistry as well.
This essential oil blends well with other carrier oils like Angelica oil, clove oil, thyme and bergamot oil as well.

People with kidney problems and pregnant women should avoid the usage of this oil. It should be never used in undiluted form. Though the oil is non-toxic and non-sensitizing, it may irritate the skin and mucous membrane if used in a concentrated form.

Qualified aroma therapy practitioners can suggest the appropriate usage of this essential oil. It is always better to do a patch test before the application of this oil.

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