Friday, 15 March 2013

Natural Benefits of Almond Oil Bitter

The almond tree is commonly found in Asia and the Northern African region. Almond oil, extracted from the kernels is known world over as an essential oil with numerous therapeutic and remedial properties. The oil is extracted by a process that involves pressing the kernels to draw out the essence. Concentrated almond oil bitter, is said to be highly toxic in nature and must be used post blending with other essential oils or carrier oils.

The oil from almonds is known for its use in beauty and aromatherapy products. However, few people know that almond oil bitter also is bactericidal and anti-carcinogenic in nature as well. It works as an effective diuretic, sedative and anesthetic. This oil has anti-spasmodic and anti-intoxicating properties as well and is a common ingredient for medicinal use.

The extract of almond oil naturally and completely blends with orange oil, cassia oil and apricot oil. There are many such similar blends with a wide spectrum of benefits. Such blends are often used in aroma therapies as this improves the therapeutic properties of the oils and adds to their healing effect as well. Blending increases the scope of usage of oil and also makes it more versatile as often essential oils cannot be used directly or in their concentrated forms. They must be diluted before application, either with other essential oils or carrier oils.

Almond oil bitter, with its many beneficial properties vitalizes the sensory organs and aids in strengthening the body too. The sweet almond oil, as it is also called, is an excellent skin moisturizer. It rejuvenates the skin from deep within and leaves it feeling smooth, supple and nourished. Using almond oil prevents ageing, sagging and dryness in skin to a large extent. As a result this oil is a popular ingredient of cosmetics and even some kids’ products.

This oil is also very effective and relaxing for massages. It is also an excellent product to treat hair fall and prevent it as well. As it is rich in Vitamin A, it is used in treating retinal and skin problems. It is an essential component of make-up removing lotions and under eye gels and creams as well.
This light oil is a relaxing application useful in a multitude of ways. It is no surprise that almond oil finds its way into both, households as well as spas.  The oil is a perfect solution to several physiotherapy, medicinal, therapeutic and aromatherapy needs.

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